At Physionize we believe in a holistic approach to the body, our idea is to create harmony within the body through best practices of physiotherapy, and that is what Physionize is all about!


Physionize is an advanced rehabilitation clinic providing a customised plan for each client Our registered therapists are trained in the newest, evidence-based techniques globally, combining the best of traditional physical therapy with advanced manual therapy techniques, an individualized exercise program, and patient education to help patients achieve optimal results.

We don’t just treat you, but make you feel harmonized!


Our philosophy is to enable our clients to envision themselves to develop a new perspective of their bodies and health. We help our clients see themselves beyond their limitations which are based on myths, societal norms, standards of cosmetic industry,- rather on their reality, experience and knowledge about their bodies and health, and stages that they would go through, making them Pro-Health.

We believe no one should suffer in pain…

Since Pain is inevitable but suffering is Choice & we believe in helping you make right Choice by having Pain free existence…