Role of Physiotherapy in PCOS

Women’s health is emerging as a major stream in the line of health practitioners, and has seen tremendous change and growth in the past few years in regards to the awareness and overall approach in dealing with women specific conditions.  A commonly heard name today is PCOS or Poly Cystic ovarian Syndrome. So what exactly[…]


Simple Physiology of Weight Loss

Weight loss is an evergreen fashion trend, for centuries the cosmetic world has thrived on our innate tendency to be lighter by a few kilos on the devilish weighing scale, and to appear younger by a few years. Motivated by several reasons like; trying to improve health, a cautious attempt at preventing illness, rehabilitation, peer[…]


Exercise: Friend or Foe?

Exercise as one of the four pillars of a healthy life, is a wonderful tool by itself, offering great benefits like strengthening the bones and muscles, shaping the body, helping the hormonal levels etc. The zeal of those who no-matter-what stick to their routine of physical activity, it is indeed inspirational. Thankfully this category of[…]