Seeking Meditation in Stress


Meditation is probably one of the oldest techniques and also the hippest in vogue. A large number of people are drawn to the ambit of it for varied reasons. While some are allured by the glamour, some take it up for a better health, some bask in the serenity of the practice, others wish to relieve themselves of pain, yet there are also those who desperately look up-to meditation to seek, something they do not posses within… “Peace”, “comfort” and “happiness”.

A lot of practices and forms of mediation have developed over the period of time, so not getting into the details of them, to understand broadly meditation helps to develop mental concentration, clarity, and induce calm.  Most techniques involve some or the other form of relaxed posture, coupled with concentrating on either breathing, awareness of the body, specific words, a concept, or a prayer. Similar to physical training people often meditate daily or at least routinely for the desired effect.

It sure is a world of uncertainty, conflict and powerlessness, but what makes it scary is the fact that all of these exist precisely within our own lives and minds. What started as a word in Physics, has come to engulf our beings both mentally and physically.  Stress seems to have become part of our daily life, it is not uncommon to hear children as young as 10 or even less in certain cases taking about how stressed they are!

Needless to say, similar to how different metals behave under a given load of pressure, people also differ in their ability to cope with pressures of their own reality, making stress highly subjective. A situation that might be highly stressful for one, bringing him to a break-point , might not even register as stress to the other. Also stress will affect the same person in different ways on different occasions.

Because the way our emotions and heart reacts is not mechanical; it cannot be predicted. It is very subtle and delicate. We need to change the way we look at ourselves, in a different light. Understanding our potentials, knowing our vulnerabilities, exploring as to how we can develop our strengths ourselves and by the support of our environment. There is simply no need to carry the burden of a heavy heart

As I always say, there is nothing that the body will not learn in its own time.  Like, to a novice surfer what may seem as dangerous waves will provide pride and joy to a skilled one. We can train our body and mind, to be free of guilt, fear and insecurities. Individuals with eating disorders have the exactly same attitude, disregard for their bodies, wrongly placed ideas, false sense of achievement. Whereas those with behavioral problems constantly fight through an inner conflict, they tend to be pressed on achieving the extraordinary, while dwelling in a world that makes them feel inessential.

This is exactly where meditation comes into play, it helps individual to firstly start accepting the truth of their reality and not pursue a fancy world which might not even exist. To form a connection with their own selves- as they are. So if one struggles or forces oneself to create a perfect practice or posture, it will certainly become daunting, and will lose the purpose of relaxation at all. It is best to go along the flow and make it a habit in order to create and analyse synchronized harmony within one’s body and mind. Enabling to find back meaning in life by “letting go” and by simply “being”, eventually developing individuals into stronger, more alive human beings.

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